10 Reasons to Join Postmobile

Are you suffering from poor mobile coverage, poor customer service, paying too much or getting very little by way of minutes, texts and data?

Then joining Postmobile can make great sense.

If you are looking for a new number or already have a number, we hope the 10 reasons to join Postmobile below provides you with the information you need to make the move and allow us to provide you with the great service and value that Postmobile delivers to all its valued customers.

1. A better deal – in almost every case you will get better value for money with a Postmobile ‘bundle’ of Minutes, Texts and Data. You also get €5 credit and you can rollover unused text, data and minutes when you top-up by €20 each month. Our choice of Pre Pay Plans will suit every pocket.

2. A better network – because Postmobile uses the premium network in Ireland (Vodafone), the quality of your calls, texts and Mobile Data will be among the best available across Ireland. Join Postmobile and get the best and pay less!

3. Ditch the contract and avoid ‘Bill Shock’ – our great prepay offers can save you money. As we are prepay, you stay in control of your spend and you can switch anytime. Our handy Auto Top Up is also available, and our range of very affordable phones are designed to suit your needs.

4. Family member overseas – check out our great value plans that include data. Check out our great range of smart phones and keep contact with your loved ones through Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger etc.

5. Total Rollover – with all our €20 & more prepay plans, any unused minutes, texts and data carries over to the next month when you top up by €20.

6. Auto Top Up – with us you can automatically schedule your top up each month on a day that suits you, so you’ll never miss a top up. You also get an extra 3 days per month on your bundle with Auto Top Up.

7. Delivering for the community – Postmobile is the only truly Irish owned mobile operator. As part of the An Post service, you can top up at any of our 900+ post offices across Ireland (or Top Up online) from 1c to €99.99 (or call in to any of our Postpoint and Payzone outlets). With a large allowance of free Postmobile calls in our €20 top ups, family & friends on the network can talk and text for free.

8. Customer Care matters – fed up with poor quality customer care? Our dedicated Customer Care Team in Waterford is on hand to assist with any queries you may have – Tel: 1850 789 789 – Mon-Fri 8:00-20:00 and Sat & Bank Holidays 10:00-18:00. Our Post Offices can also help with phone related queries.

9. Switching is easier than ever – it is now quick and easy to switch and keep your number (and contacts). It only takes a few minutes and there is no loss of service.
10. The ‘free calls’ challenge – Let’s face it, the cost of ‘free calls’ are paid for in the Top Up amount you’re
charged. With the value and quality of service you get from Postmobile, along with a generous allowance of free calls, it makes sense for family members, relations and friend switch to switch to Postmobile.

Join Postmobile today and enjoy the benefits of great value, coverage and service – CLICK HERE to choose your value Plan.