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Handset Unlocking

How do I unlock my mobile phone?

Most mobile companies in Ireland lock their handsets. This means that their handsets will only work with that mobile company’s SIM cards. If your phone is locked, it won’t accept SIM cards from other mobile companies.

If you are joining Postmobile and want to use your current handset, it is important to check if your phone is locked. You can do this by inserting a Postmobile SIM card into your phone. If the Postmobile Network symbol appears, your phone is not locked. If you see a message like ‘Incompatible SIM’ or ‘Enter Network Unlock Code’, your phone is locked.

If you don’t have a Postmobile SIM card, contact your mobile operator and they will tell you if the handset is still locked.

To unlock your phone, you must call your current mobile provider and ask for your phone’s Network Unlock Code. It can take between 5-20 working days to receive your code – timelines vary between different manufacturers.