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Using your phone abroad

Which country are you travelling to?

Select your destination from the dropdown below for details on call costs and available networks in that country.

How to Access Voicemail Abroad?

In most countries you can dial 171 to hear your Voicemail, just as you do at home. However if this does not work you can follow the intructions below:

  • Dial your international mailbox number by dialling a 5 after the 87 prefix (eg + 353 87 5 123 4567).
  • When you hear your greeting press the * Key.

How to Top Up while Abroad?

Best practise would be to Top Up your phone before you travel to ensure you have enough credit for calls and texts while travelling. If you do find yourself needing more credit you can use one of the following Top Up options:

  • Online Top Up: You can buy call credit using your Credit or Debit card online via the My.postfone.ie part of our website. Make sure you register for online top up before you go travelling. Top Up Online or Register Now
  • Direct Top Up: You can ask a famliy member or friend to apply a Direct Top Up to your account. This can be done through the Post Office and the credit is applied directly into your account.