Roam Like Home

 From June 15th, you can use your Postmobile plan across the EU, just like when you are at home. This means you can use your any network calls, texts and Data from your plan while travelling in the EU.

Roam Like Home FAQs:

What Countries is Roam like home Available?

Countries Territories
Austria France Netherlands Iceland Ahland Islands (Finland)
Belgium Germany Poland Liechtenstein Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, French Guyana, Reunion, Mayotte (France)
Bulgaria Greece Portugal Norway Madeira, Azores (Portugal)
Croatia Hungary Romania Switzerland Canaries, Cueta, Melilla (Spain)
Cyprus Italy Slovakia  Vatican Gibraltar (UK)
Czech Republic Latvia Slovenia Jersey (UK)
Denmark Lithuania Spain Guernsey (UK)
Estonia Luxembourg Sweden Isle of Man (UK)
Finland Malta UK

How will I be charged when roaming Europe?

From June 15th Postmobile customers will be able to use their allowance of data, calls and texts at no extra cost. It’s also free to receive calls and texts from the Republic of Ireland when you are travelling in Europe. Calls, Texts and data add-on’s will also work like home when travelling in Europe.

Out-of-bundle calls, texts or data usage will be charged as per our standard home out-of-bundle rates.