Postmobile Accessibility Statement

All of us at Postmobile are committed to offering you a high quality service that meets your needs. We pledge to provide services to all customers in an equal manner and to accommodate their diverse needs.

We have outlined below some of the ways we make Postmobile accessible for all.


Our Website was built with W3C in mind in terms of best practice to achieve WCAG 2.0 standard or AA level rating.

Accessibility options for different browsers

The browser that you use will normally have its own accessibility options or free downloads to increase your accessibility options and improve your browsing experience.
Google Chrome

Price Plans

We have plans to suit all needs, whether you need Calls, Texts and Data or Just Data and with our Add On options you can purchase extra Calls, Texts or Data as required. For more information on our plans please click here.


We offer a range of handsets available online or via participating Post Offices, certain handsets in our range offer key features to assist certain types of vision, hearing or mobility impairments. Some of these features are listed below:

• Large display and backlit keypad with adjustable contrast and font size
• Big Button keys, with a mark on the 5 button for better navigation
• Volume Controls that alert you when the phone is powering up or down, or when the battery is low
• Speed-dial for calling with minimum keystrokes
• One Touch assistance button
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Actual or touchscreen buttons that vibrate or make a sound when pressed
• Predictive texting, or a predictive typing app, to limit the keystrokes needed
• Voice recognition software

You can also visit the GARI (Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative) website which provides useful details on accessibility options for handsets. www.gari.info

Use our Post Office locator to find your nearest participating Postmobile office.

Contact Us

We welcome feedback on the accessibility of this website. We will use this feedback to improve our services.
• Email us at care@postmobile.ie
• Phone us on 1850789789
• Write to us at Postmobile 3D, GPO, O’Connell St, Dublin 1 D01 F5P2 Ireland.