Prepay call cost – Standard

With Postmobile, there’s one simple pricing plan that lets you both manage your mobile costs easily and save you money.

Type of call or text Rate per minute or message or MB* Time
Landlines- Republic of Ireland €0.30 any time
Mobiles- Republic of Ireland- any network €0.30 any time
Texts- Republic of Ireland- any network €0.15 any time
Mobile Data- Republic of Ireland €0.16 per MB any time

Prices effective from the 01/03/2019

A complete list of countries within international bands 1, 2 and 3 is available in the International calls page.

Premium, Information and other call rate information is available in the Premium rate page.

*Call prices are subject to a minimum charge of the per-minute rate (unless stated otherwise). Prices effective from the 01/03/2019.